Wigstock 1/2 off discount tix announced!

WIGSTOCK UPDATE: You spoke and we listened. If click on the link below and use the code WIGS and hit enter, tickets have been slashed to a way more affordable $50. We have over 50 performers, so that’s 1 buck per queen!
Answers to other frequently asked questions.

The event is rain or shine. There’s a chance of showers and hate to see matted wigs–that’s Linda Simpson’s look. Don’t steal it. Rain bonnets are in.
Bring a blanket or folding chair because there are hardly any seats except in pricier VIP areas. There is a handicapped section up front. There is a mentally handicapped section on stage–have you seen the cast?

Can you stand up for a 6 hours show? If not, wear sensible shoes!

Bring photo ID–even if you’re as old as Joey Arias Nyc and bought a ticket. Even if you are a performer or a go-go dancer. This is a policy of the venue and there are no exceptions.
There are no comps and we don’t need volunteers, but I thank those of you who offered. Any requests for comps will be ignored but I, like Neil Patrick Harris and every other performer gets 2 of them. If you can’t figure out the ticket link, you need to find someone else to help you other than me cuz mama has to work on it’s wigs and rehearsing.
Just because we’ve halved the price doesn’t mean that the drinks are cheap in this glitzy venue, so just letting potential whiners know whats up. So if you need to bring a flask, get high before you come or whatever floats your boat, just don’t show security! And don’t blow them either–blowing all of them is in my rider!

Please share with anyone who might wanna come at the new discounted (code WIGS) price. www.Wigstock.NYC.

With Linda Simpson, Lypsinka Von Rasputina, Mike Albo, David Ilku, Pepper Mint, Alex Bartlett, Nora Burns, Xavier Smith, Jeff Campagna, Bianca Del Rio, Charlie Brody, Sherry Vine, Jackie Beat, Bob The Drag Queen, Kevin Joseph, Alex Āoncè Newell, Ryan Landry, Michael Musto, Scott Martino, Guy Furrow, Joshua Grannell, Candis Cayne, Lina Bradford, Raven Oh, Kevin Aviance, Amanda Lepore, Bryant Dorean Shequida, Shequida Hall, Murray Hill, Dirty Martini, Javier Madrid, Joey Arias Nyc, Justin Vivian Bond, Princess Diandra, Dirty Martini, William Angel Bailey, Dina Martina, Drew Droege, David Burgess, Raven Oh, Steven Willis, Adam Cardone.

Hope you can make it to see our incredible line-up!
Also, we lost Juanita More, Juanita More and Wendy Ho. But we gained Flloyd and Sharon Needles!

And please remember, I’m in my zone and will not respond to texts, FB messages, emails or carrier pigeons. And that means even you, MOM! HOPE TO SEE YA SATURDAY AT PIER 17!