We’re playing Trump’s game and don’t even know that we’re losing.

If we’re in a constant state of shock, we can be confused enough to accept polices which benefit none of us except the super-rich. Or start unnecessary wars like the one George W. Bush lied us into after the horror 9/11. Trump’s “outrages” will never stop–they’re his specialty. That’s the only thing he does well: command our news media-turned-TMZ which helped create this monster by giving him the lion’s share of airtime. We can wring our hands over the latest “shocking” gaffe, but if we’re wringing our hands then we’re not resisting at all. We’re in panic mode. We’ve played right into his hands and we are right where he wants us. We’re losing at his game and most of us don’t even know we’re playing it.
He’s said while campaigning:
Mexicans are rapists and he’ll make Mexico pay for a wall.
He’ll punish women who get abortions.
He’ll ban muslims from the country.
He could shoot someone and still get elected.
He mocked John McCain’s war record, which no republican could ever get away with because they always want more war.
Did any of these insane statements stop him? No. They keep him in the news and ensure that we are not putting out strong solutions or agenda, just busy bashing him. Remember the brouhaha over Trump saying that Obama bugged him at Trump Tower? Trump had no evidence of this. It’s just another piece of crap he flings out there. The media, hungry for more crap, eats it up. It’s garbage from the mouth of a jackass, folks! There will always be more of it. Our media reported on the bugging accusation for at least 3 weeks. Is it sensational? Not really, compared to his other junk. Is he prosecuting Obama or going after him in any way? Nope, so this “sensational accusation” gets 3 weeks of airtime and a hearing in Congress despite the fact that it will impact no one. Just a crazy accusation with no evidence. Could those 3 weeks be better spent cementing what the opposition does stand for? Hell, yes.
Our media seizes on it as a new “scandal” to get ratings. They gain profit, we gain unimportant knowledge. This makes the left look foolish, and it makes people who don’t trust the system trust it even less because the news is focused on “shocks” when people are looking for leaders right now who will improve their lives. As a meme once said, “People in Flint, Michigan aren’t worried about Russia.”
Nor are the people who can’t afford healthcare even after Obama’s modest reforms.
Nor are people who can’t get jobs or have shitty jobs without benefits.
Nor are the homeless vets or the ones who can’t work due to PTSD, which we don’t like to acknowledge is always a cost of war.
Nor are the youth who can’t afford college education and aren’t guaranteed a job when they graduate saddled with a lifetime of debt.
Nor are the seniors forced to split their pills in half because they’re too broke to afford them.
You hit these people with non-stop scandals which don’t impact their lives and they’ll just shut off the TV. It’s reality TV news which rewards train wrecks.
“Fake news” is Trump’s phrase, so I hesitate to use it. But what would you call it? Slanted news? Meaningless news? Much ado about nothing? Ratings-driven? Click-bait? Our news just rolls with Trump’s sometimes meaningless “shocks” and we end up distracted. Wanna see what happens when we’re distracted? Please watch this video. It ain’t pretty and the video demonstrates how it could get much worse if we don’t wake up to Trump’s tricks right now. You will see one clip from DemocracyNow.org in which a guy from New Orleans claims that the Bush administration used the shock of Katrina to fire all the teachers down there. Yes, our government actually does stuff like this. They kick us when we’re down. And we’re very, very down. But let’s kick them instead.
This video of Naomi Klein’s contains the clearest call to resistance I’ve heard. Sadly, Naomi’s “Follow The Money” point #4 also leads you to corporate democrats, whose hands are far from clean themselves. As the title of her new book No Is Not Enough suggests, we not only have to resist. We have to offer a strong alternative which appeals to enough people to win.