Wait–Lady Bunny is now giving computer tips?

I must have hit the right note of pitiful, outraged, senile and polite because I’ve had nothing but trouble with my laptop since I bought it 3 years ago. I have Applecare and live 2 blocks from the store. But after many issues, I told the genius at the Genius Bar that it is wonderful that I could come there for free–and wait on a backless stool–and have them resolve issues. But that the idea when purchasing an expensive computer was that I wouldn’t need to be there every week. Then the clincher: “I know you technical folks don’t like these terms, but I’ve been here every other week. At what point do we decide that this machine is a “lemon” or “jinxed”?They checked my record and saw how many issues I’d had and asked if I’d like a new computer. Score one for seniors and technology! Sadly, the new one will not have a CD burner on it, but it’s free and I can get 3 more years of Applecare on it.

One tip for Apple users. I guess they hired some psychiatrist to come up with this language, but whenever you phone Applecare with an issue–yes, seniors still place calls–they all use the same phrase: “I can certainly hear the frustration in your voice.” This is to defuse the situation because these words makes them seem sympathetic, even though they are prepared to do little. So you need to catch what they’re doing and say “If you can hear the frustration in my voice, then you need to do something about it. If you can’t, then please put on a manager or someone who can”. At that point, they become far more reasonable. It doesn’t hurt to throw in the fact that you are a long-term Apple customer who has become so frustrated with their increasingly strong-arm tactics that you are considering another brand of computer or phone. I hate the way all these constant “updates” aren’t exactly upgrades. They’re just a way to force their newest Apple music down your throat. I also didn’t like that they pulled out of the GOP convention because Trump was the nominee. I’d rather have them not sponsor it in the first place!

Another tip–back up your data with Time machine AND manually. If they are wiping your computer for repairs and then you reinstall from a Time Machine back-up, you reimport the software bugs that you were trying to fix.