Voting day blues

I was given a ballot and filled it out. But when I went to scan it, my ballot was rejected by the scanner saying I’d overvoted–ie chosen too many candidates. So I had to grab another one and my area’s table told me to fill the out the ballot straight down. This is nonsense advice, because that means you have to vote straight ticket down one column. And if you favor progressives, Cuomo, Gillibrand and other Dems are listed in both the Democrats and as Working Families parties categories in different columns. Voting for them in the Working Families party signals to these politicians that this voter would like to see them act more like progressives.

So my ballot was rejected again for selecting too many candidates and they told me I could only have one more try. Three’s the limit. the third one was rejected because of the bad advice given to me by the table of my district. Then I was told I needed to fill out a ballot and an affidavit by a helpful lady who rolled her eyes and said she would never design such a confusing ballot. Should this happen to you, you’ll need the last 4 numbers of your Social Security # or a state driver’s license or state non-driver’s license ID. With this much confusion, I’d just bring your ID anyway in case some glitch has you not registered and you need to prove your address.

There are also 3 proposals on the back which I don’t think most are familiar with. So you might want to check those out in advance so you’ll know how you want to vote on them.