Unitard’s Tard Core at Joe’s Pub!

David Ilku, Nora Burns and Mike Albo made me howl with laughter last night at Joe’s Pub. As the comedy trio Unitard in their all-new show Tard Core, they effectively lampoon everything from hipsters moving to Berlin to cheesy latino lounge singers to Facebook addicts (guilty as charged!) to Ann Coulter as a phone sex operator. Their strong suit is a biting critique of what NYC has become. Never preachy, because it’s so full of clever gags. But a bit poignant as well, because they’re dead on in their assessments of how and how much things have changed. The fact is, for those of us who are still in NYC and pine for the old days, what can you do but laugh about it or leave? A running gag on Joe’s Pub itself displayed both the gang’s sense of humor and nerve. Glad these fools had a packed house on opening night. One more performance in May and two more June. Highly recommended for fans of smart, up-to-the minute comedy!