Try not to cry?

It was actually very easy, especially since this smells like a publicity stunt for Amazon, a highly unethical company. While I admire this compassionate young man’s desire to help homeless people, he is using Amazon, a company which treats it’s own employees so poorly that some keep pee bottles on hand so that they don’t delay those deliveries for long enough to use an actual bathroom. In England, at least one Amazon fulfillment center kept ambulances parked outside since it was cheaper to cart employees to the hospital when they passed out from the heat than to air condition their workplace. This is how one of the word’s richest men treats his employees.

And how are the richest rewarded by the turds who make up our government? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos paid $0 in taxes. As one commenter on this video put it: “Not slagging off this guys efforts here at all. It’s commendable, but have to say, if companies like amazon paid their f#cking taxes we’d have a whole lot more money to help homeless people more sustainably.” Very true.

What really puzzles me the most is how the guy who cooked up the scheme to help the homeless via Amazon never thought of giving the guy cash to get whatever he needs, from socks to food to a cellphone bill. I’m not an apps person, but the idea that one needs an app and a credit card are even needed at all blows my mind. He can’t walk into one of the chain drug stores on every corner–most sell socks–buy them and hand the guy a pair on his way out? Oh no, let’s train ourselves to use apps for everything which we need credit cards and expensive smartphones to use. But I guess I’m so old school that I actually carry cash. (I was really goofed when I ate at an LA chain called Tender Greens which brags with a sign on it’s door–“We are cashless!”, as if that’s a selling point. As if businesses can afford to turn down any sale.

Helping homeless people is wonderful. And I’m sure that the beneficiaries are thrilled to be treated to Amazon Prime delieveries–as if most would know the difference. My other question about this is how do you make a delivery to someone who isn’t stationary–who has left his spot to head a soup kitchen for lunch, found a shelter, or was just shooed away by police? Jeff Bezos, if he cared as much as this young man, could make a whopping donation to the homeless and do a world more good than this band-aid cure of a pair of socks here and there. Or Jeff could just pay his taxes, which could put a fortune towards funding homeless shelters.

The world needs more people like this man ❤️

The world needs more people like this man ❤️

Posted by Daily Mail Australia on Friday, August 17, 2018