“TRINKETS” returns!

Paul E Alexander’s “Trinkets” is a hoot, and it sold out it’s first run completely. So an encore is in order! The new musical comedy about transsexual hookers in the 90s Meatpacking District is back from Jan 13th-Feb 3rd at 24 Bond Arts Center. The night I went, the front row was mainly transsexuals who may well had been on that stroll–and they were loving it. With many beloved scenesters in the cast from Honey Davenport, Antyon Le Monte, Celso Satori, Kevin Aviance to Nora Burns. Costumes by David Dalrymple and wigs by Perfidia.

From press release: Playwright Paul Alexander is a NY nightlife legend most notably known for the 1990s performance art-dance party Jackie 60 where he honed his vocal emcee and performance skills. Following many solo underground dance singles he gained international success with the dance pop trio THE ONES, known for their #1 Dance/#7 Pop hit Flawless.
Trinkets, is an original musical play set in NYC during the 1990s. It tells a story of a group of drag and transsexual prostitutes, who work the streets of the meatpacking district. This fantastical story taken from reality shows a moment in the growth of the LGBT community, which is often overlooked.
During this time, acceptance of this fringe group by the straight world was often little to none; so many drag and transsexual females were given no opportunity for real employment. In order for them to make a living, sex work was a common choice. The audience is introduced to a moment in the lives of an ensemble of characters in a story highlighting the tragedies and hardship faced by these brave defying individuals. And we witness them coming together as a small community to do the right thing.

TICKETS: https://m.bpt.me/event/3202688