Campaigning on a platform of “I’m not Trump” didn’t win for Hillary. So why are Dems still using that failed strategy?

NY Daily News: “Yet scant weeks before the mid-term elections, which we’ve been told will finally deny the Republican Party its Congressional majority, I, a former newspaper reporter, columnist and editor, have no idea what the Democratic Party’s 2018 agenda is.

Though I have met some of you and know more of you by reputation, I have no clue who runs the group, who are its thought leaders, what are the issues for which the party will ride and die.

And if I, a baby boomer who still feels it is my civic obligation to start my day watching and listening to the local news and BBC America before reading the Daily News, New York Times, CNN and BuzzFeed briefs on my cellphone, have no clue where you stand on the above, it’s a safe bet that most of the voters you’ll need to win in November don’t know either.

That this can be happening now, when President Trump and his coterie of far-right wing ideologues threaten our national identity, is not simply troubling. It’s negligent. It’s incompetent.

This is how the Democratic leadership has behaved for decades, offering policies with little bite, and expecting the populace to rally to their banner simply because they were not Republican.