Time to ignore establishment Democrats.

Clinton loyalists will tell you that it was fine for the DNC to cheat Bernie Sanders since he’s an Independent. Yet Clinton practically bought the party in 2015, so she also cheated these three democrats who ran in the primary: Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee. Not a problem for you?
If cheating and colluding during an election doesn’t bother you, then why are you whining about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia influencing the election? Either cheating does or does not bother you. If you welcome a tilting of the scales when your candidate does it, you have no interest in fair elections. Your messsage of “We need party unity so we can cheat the grassroots candidates again” is as absurd as you backing a candidate who cheated and still lost…to the moronic Trump! Your folly tanked the Democratic Party. Who in their right mind would take your advice now? Someone seeking more corruption and future GOP victories?