The obvious choice to me.

Establishment Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than back a progressive, demonstrating how far they are from being progressive. While Trump and the GOP seek to turn the country backwards in time, corporate Democrats seek to turn the country back to just to the status quo in which Obama left it, Remember, Hillary lost by promising four more years of Obama’s policies–ignoring the fact many who voted for him saw little improvement, hope or change.

Progressives seek to move forward pushing policies which would benefit working Americans. Sadly, progress, power to the people and focusing on income inequality is a threat to so many Republican and Democratic lawmakers because it threatens the pay-to-play system which got them elected and keeps them in bed with lobbyists whose interests work against most Americans.

SPECTATOR: “By most conventional pundit metrics, Bernie Sanders should be the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. To state the obvious, he was last cycle’s runner-up, having won 46 percent of elected delegates, 23 states, and smashed small-dollar fundraising records. His policy platform has taken hold across the party, with most every nationally ambitious figure now calling for universal Medicare, free public college tuition, and a host of other measures that were closely associated with his 2016 run. He has consistently polled as the most popular politician in America, he just won re-election in his home-state by a massive margin, and his social media engagement is off-the-charts. So what’s the problem?

Simply put, large sections of the party still view him as a threat. As much as they’ve attempted to court him, flatter him, and accommodate him in various respects – recall the awkward ‘unity tour’ he held with DNC chairman Tom Perez in 2017 – he is still fundamentally at odds with the interests of the party’s most powerful actors. They might adopt bits and pieces of his agenda, as everyone from New York governor Andrew Cuomo to Nevada senator-elect Jacky Rosen has to varying degrees. And they might offer him polite compliments on the campaign trail, knowing he has an enthused core of supporters. But they will not formally back him in a primary, under virtually any conceivable circumstances.”