THE BUNNY HOP–coming to a city near you!

Off on a bit of a somewhat bizarre travel spree of 6 cities in 6 nights, so catch me if you can! She’s trying to act young & kicky!

Thursday: Spinning at Oil Can Harry’s in Austin with strippers!
Friday: Performing at G-A-Y Lounge in Baltimore.
Saturday: Performing and spinning tunes at Niagara Pride.
Monday: Performing at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth, Delaware.
Tuesday: Back in NYC for my last performance of Trans-Jester! at Stonewall Inn, 7PM.

And Sunday night I’ll be in Miami. I’d been scheduled to dj at the World Out Games but it was all cancelled. My intricate ticket was already purchased so I’ll just have Sunday night off in a hotel. As a service to the many disappointed young athletes who were also looking forward to the festivities, I am prepared to sex them up so their trip isn’t a total waste. Mind you, I’ll take no joy in co-mingling with throngs of frustrated young men from all over the world full of pent-up sexual energy milling about the streets. I do it only as a public service. I do, however, have a few requirements:

1. Please do not force yourselves on me In groups larger than 5 at a time. I’m running low on my Depends.

2. Please do not come on too strong in your skin-tight sportswear while seductively manipulating your bulges as sweat sizzles down your taut bodies in that Miami sun. This is not a turn on for me in any way.

3. Please do not try to tempt me with a smorgasbord of designer drugs to make this burden any easier or enjoyable for me. I’ve given my word and resigned myself to my herculean task of satisfying anyone with an erection.

4. Please do not dangle sacks of fattening foods in my face in an attempt to lure me. How could I possibly eat any fattening foods and retain a figure like mine?

5. Approaching me with a phone to show me photos of your private parts is sheer folly.

6. Finally, please ignore requirements 1-5 and I hope to see you somewhere soon!