Lady Bunny Tee

by Michael Economy

Michael Economy T-Shirt

I am thrilled to present the Lady Bunny t-shirt! The shirts feature an eye-popping design by famed illustrator Michael Economy, who’s best known for his work for both designer Anna Sui and his own creations on As a testament to his talent, he totally captured that demented look in my eyes and even made me look thinner! To help you find your perfect fit, these tees are manufactured by Next Level Apparel. They aren’t the super-duper trim fit, but they are a trimmer fit than the boxy, oversized thick cotton type. (In other words, if you are usually in between sizes, you should probably select the larger of the two. No shade intended cuz I wear a 2XL myself! Make sure that you get it right because there are no refunds at all ever!)  Only available in jet black, the buttery soft 100% cotton is heavenly to the touch. The adorable cartoon likeness in a bright blue mini-dress practically hops off at you, making it an instant conversation starter. Bianca Del Rio loves it so much that she ordered a dozen while supplies last. But for some reason, she only wears them inside out…In sizes S to 3XL. $30 + shipping and handling. Size 2XL and 3XL are $35 plus shipping and handling. They’re mailed out via USPS. 

Shipping fees are as follows:

US – $5 for single item, $3 each item if multiple

Canada – $9.50 for single, $5 each item if multiple

Everywhere else – $16 for single, $12 each item if multiple

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