Survivor’s trans outing “drama”

Breaking news: A guy was outed as trans on Survivor.

Old news: Reality TV thrives on drama of any kind because the producers are too cheap to hire scriptwriters and actors, so this “outing” is ratings gold for viewers to weigh in on what should have done what on a show we weren’t talking about yesterday. If the on air outing were that offensive or crossed too many boundaries, the producers could have easily edited it out and no one would have ever seen it–except the cast and crew who are sworn to secrecy. They are using trendy trans issues for ratings.

Do I think it’s wrong to out someone as trans? Yes, but when you sign a reality TV contract, you indemnify the producers from physical harm and sometimes even your own death. So anything is fair game in that tawdry world and the trans guy knew it when he signed the contract. And if competition shows didn’t get ugly, you wouldn’t watch them. So stop balking at the monster you created.