Spinning at Saks 5th Avenue today from 2-5PM

Today, I enjoy a peculiar personal Christmas tradition: DJing at Saks 5th Avenue. I’ve done it once a year for many years and somehow it’s a great fit. The staff is a hoot. I clown around and since there’s no actual dance floor, I get to play songs that are a little out of the ordinary like Before I Let Go by Maze that I can bop to, along with seasonal faves.

But my favorite part of it is the surprised looks on many of the customers’ faces–many coming from all over the world. They’ve heard of Christmas elves, wreaths, trees, bells, sleighs–but the Christmas drag queen? So there are some quizzical looks, which I simply greet by exuding extra holiday sparkle. Bit by bit, they succumb to the madness, and are soon tapping their toes while they shop. Last year, a large muslim family complete with hijabs was eyeing me like I was the devil. But I slowly won them over by simply enjoying myself, and soon the young girls were wanting pics with the Christmas drag queen. Then the teenage girls came along. I could tell the teen boys were not featuring me yet, but I even got them and the whole gang over for a group pic. I take great joy in being an ambassador of nonsense, and whatever religion you might ascribe to (or like myself, none at all) there is never a bad time to enjoy yourself, shake your booty and spread some cheer. So if you’re out shopping today, I am usually on the 9th floor, which funnily enough is for young women like…ahem..me, from 2PM-5PM.