South Beach’s Adora at Vienna’s Life Ball


This image of Adora (aka Danilo De La Torre) destroying the majestic red carpet at Vienna’s annual Life Ball just thrills me to pieces. I ran into her in NYC right before she departed and she was shopping for a wrap for this very outfit. Looks like she found one!
We’ve been friends for decades, but regardless…I have to say that I have the utmost respect for this queen. She’s always done her own thing to perfection and it’s international now, baby! It actually always was, since she hails from Cuba and arrived in Miami after a stint in Paris. Her svelte figure and haute pose here would make Dovima proud.
I guess it was 4 days ago that bumped into her on 7th Ave. I was barreling out of a juice place kind of late and frantic. My voice needs rest, so I let her do most the talking. Perhaps some people nowadays would say I was stereotyping latinos, but her hands were flying as she darted from subject to subject. I was so bewitched by her aura: petite, dramatic, enchanting and very much alive. And conveying deeper information through her thick accent in 10 minutes than most news hours can manage.
As an added treat, later that day I ran into Downtown legend Agosto Machado, who had captivated me with his magic onstage in productions with Ethyl Eichelberger in the 1980s and beyond. Agosto has stage presence out the wazoo, and I often ignored the star’s antics to try and analyze exactly what Agosto was doing and how. There is not only intelligence and experience, but a knowingness (if that’s a word) to his work which I don’t encounter often. And he’s as humble and supportive of others as he is talented himself.
Pronouns kind of fall by the wayside I have always used both “he” and “she” interchangeably with both. Adora is considered by most be a drag queen, despite some male roles. Agosto sometimes does drag, but is currently sporting a long grey beard. I don’t know which of Facebook’s 58 gender variations they would fall under, but to me, they are genies. There’s a whole lot of tragic, so I try to seek out the magic!