Someone asked me what I thought of this video. Here goes:

Our enemies are loud.
Our enemies are dumb.
Our enemies are many.
Our worst enemies are usually religious and not just Christian.

Yet in his mind, he is trying to set the record straight on something he feels passionately is wrong. His religion attacks my kind, women who want abortions, gays who want wedding cakes, etc. As many of the fascinating comments on this video state, they interpret Christianity in a more tolerant way which accepts LGBTLMNOP people. Another comment quotes Romans which says judge not lest ye be judged blah blah blah.

Some Christians handle snakes during their church service. Shooting practice is offered at other churches. Of course I’d prefer any kind of Christians who are tolerant, but at the end of the day they are all interpreting and reinterpreting an ancient book of fairytales however it suits them. Don’t forget that Trump’s base is evangelicals. And that’s why a complete separation of church and state is so important. –A message from the fact-based community.

Pastor Interrupts Children's Pride Month Reading Event

This pastor interrupted a Drag Queen Story Hour with anti-trans beliefs. The children and their parents booed him out of the building.

Posted by NowThis Politics on Tuesday, June 12, 2018