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Has Out.com gone out they minds?

February 24, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Love him or hate him, you can’t question Bernie Sanders’ decades of commitment to the gay community. And if you express “It’s going to be a long two years” in an article about a proven ally, then whose rights are you really fighting for? Not mine. Out is exasperated at a strong ally like Bernie because he’s a straight, white man? That straight, white man cared about your gay @sses long before it was politically expedient to do so. Something is very wrong when a gay mag blasts a pro-LGBT candidate. You didn’t question Sanders’ bravery when he was advocating on our behalves.

Is Out part of Gay Inc? In 2016, HRC endorsed Hillary Clinton without even considering her challenger. They’d never before endorsed a candidate before without asking each candidate what lengths they’d go to to support gay rights. Sanders’ record made him the clear choice to endorse over Hillary, with her spotty, behind-the-times record. Yet HRC endorsed Clinton, just as they’d endorse Republican candidates like Susan Collins and Mark Kirk in state elections–for some mysterious reason.
Splinter News: “So, does HRC plan to endorse more Republicans in the Trump era? The answer is: “Probably.” From HRC spokesman Stephen Peters:
We are going to back candidates who support equality for the LGBTQ community — which includes women, communities of color, immigrants, people of all faiths, and others. That often means Democrats but there are some Republicans like Ileana Ros Lehtinen who are trying to lead the GOP in a better direction. Overall, we believe that pushing Democrats and Republicans alike on these issues is a fundamentally important strategy for making progress. And we believe this campaign will help us pull the emergency brake on Donald Trump in 2018 and also build for the long term.”

Right! So HRC, the largest gay advocacy group in the country, pulls the emergency brake on Trump by endorsing politicians in his anti-gay party.

I tried to think what would cause Out to want to express this totally wrongheaded point of view on Sanders. Gee, every gay mag has ads for Truvada on every other page. I got home from the gay pride march last year to find a shriveled, black balloon blowing in the wind outside my door with a message to Gilead written on it: “Release the patent on Truvada–people are dying.” Sanders, like most Americans, supports cheaper meds. Out of pocket, Truvada now costs $2,000 per month. HIV activists like the ones circulating those balloons on gay pride day are trying to break the patent, so Truvada would cost 90% less as generics. Maybe Out would rather see us pay higher prices for patented Truvada to keep those ads coming. Pay your bills however you need to, until you start to mislead your readers about gay causes. And question a solid ally like Sanders.

I’m really glad that so many of it’s readers rebuked Out’s bullshit article in the comments section of this article.



February 24, 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm