The US is attacking Syria because Assad allegedly used chemical weapons which killed 40 people. (Even though US bombs have killed over 6,000 in Syria this year.) The US has used chemical weapons in the past, but somehow Trump and Obama call their use by Assad a “red line” which we must retaliate against Syria because of.

The truth is that Assad was winning the war in Syria and the conflict is only in a small area of the country now. This may be why Trump wanted to pull out all troops within 48 hours just a few days ago. With the war almost over, it is extremely unlikely that Assad would jeopardize his near victory by using chemical weapons which could and now have involved the West.

In this broadcast from UK’s Sky News, the anchor cuts off a military analyst who tries to suggest this. It is crucial that corporate media hide the truth from us and never question the wars which make them money. A short, telling clip.