People on the left think that guns are too easy to get ahold of–even for mentally unstable types with assault rifles. People on the right think that their guns will be likely taken away so they’d better get more now before new laws prevent gun sales.

We all know that FB sells our info to any company which we have liked and shows us ads for similar products. I’ve bought stuff online (not through FB ads) and the next day, I see ads for the same product on my FB page. And I’m like, “Um, I already bought that and don’t need another one the very next day.”

But here is something very strange. If you sign up for anything–free wifi in airports, hotels, sign a political petition, etc., you can expect to get lots more mail from them or whoever they’ve sold your info to. Lately, I’ve been getting marketing emails regarding tinnitus/hearing loss (I am a dj), keto diets (I am porky) and….GUN SALES!?! All of the ads feature photos of attractive young women in skin tight clothes. Man, are they ever barking up the wrong tree. But if I, who never intends to own a gun, is getting these daily–imagine what people who are into gun culture are being led to think. If they’re foolishly sending gun ads to a lefty/peacenik like me, imagine what scared rednecks are getting. Is this frightening to anyone else?

There are now more guns than people in the USA.