I just signed this and hope you will, too. I don’t know why we have to remind Democrats to save the Era, but I guess we do.
Today, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is testifying in front of Congress. The subject of the hearing is the mission of the EPA. But we already know what Pruitt thinks his agency’s mission is — dismantling bedrock protections for our air, water and climate.
There has never been a more important time to defend our environmental protections from Pruitt and Trump. Our climate is at a tipping point. Big Polluters are poisoning our communities.
Congress could stop Trump and Pruitt’s dangerous anti-environmental agenda. But instead, it’s poised to further cut critical environmental programs. We need your help to stop it!
Help us reach 150,000 signatures to save our environmental protections from Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt!
Our government runs out of money on Friday. Congress must pass a bill funding our critical social and environmental programs by then — or the government will be shut down.
Donald Trump is urging Congress to slash EPA protections to the bone. At the same time, he’s aiming to cut its hardworking staff to impossibly low levels.
If Trump gets his way, Big Polluters will be free to pollute our environment unchecked. They could spew more smog into our skies, further poison our water, and worsen climate chaos.
If they stand together, Senate Democrats could stop this from happening. They could filibuster any bill that cuts our environmental protections. But they’ll only act if you speak up!
Sign the petition: Tell Senate Democrats to defend our environmental protections!