Rachel Maddow, MSNBC & most corporate media sells out to the war machine

This Jimmy Dore Show episode echoes a post I made this weekend. It also reminds us who Robert Mueller is: the guy who sold us the Iraq war with Bush’s and Cheney’s lies. That was is considered the biggest blunder in US history. Now Mueller is to be trusted? Mueller is in this clip linked below lying about the WMDs Saddam Hussein never had. This “evidence” aka war propaganda led to the completely baseless Iraq war which we are still in.

Hillary supporter Linda Simpson made an interesting post a year ago–something to the effect that Republicans used to be the party who never questioned the FBI and always wanted war with Russia. Now the tables have turned, she noted, and it’s the Democrats who have taken their opponents’ bellicose position.

Especially disturbing are the recent posts about chemical substances being mailed to critics of Putin in the UK. Do you not remember the anthrax scare, which was used to terrify the US people into supporting the war in Iraq even though there was no reason for it? There turned out to be no link between Iraq and the anthrax. A disgruntled lab scientist had sent them for no clear reasons.

Do you not recall, right after the election, John McCain and Lindsey Graham both claiming that the Russian meddling was “an act of war”, which presumably requires a US retaliation towards Russia? Since when do the GOP defend Democrats? Since when wouldn’t they welcome meddling if they won because of it? There is an establishment or deep state or whatever you want to call it which cuts across party lines. They always want war, and they always get it because it earns them a fortune.

Now, career liars like Rachel Maddow are peddling the same Russiagate story for over a year with few developments. Did Trump, family and staff have unsavory business ties with Russia? I’m sure they did–along with many other countries. But it is doubtful that 13 Russian bots with a few FB ads swung this election to Trump. And if they did, I’m sure the investigation will uncover that in time. So far, they haven’t uncovered much. But in blaming Russia for Trump’s election, establishment Democrats transfers their humiliating loss to Russia. When in fact, the blame goes to Dems running a despised candidate in the middle of an FBI investigation against her who sabotaged her opponent.

I dare you to watch this segment. Watch it and disagree with every word of it, but I literally beg you to give it a chance. Russia didn’t tell Hillary not to campaign in the states she lost in. Russia didn’t force Hillary and the DNC to cheat Bernie Sanders. Did everyone forget that Obama was lining up troops outside of Russia and imposing sanctions on them after the mess in the Ukraine? And that Hillary threatened, as a candidate, a no-fly zone over Russia’s ally Syria, which could lead to a proxy war with Russia? It’s very frightening to see Democrats turn into misguided hawks. Doesn’t anyone remember that on of the first reasons people were drawn to Obama was that he passionately spoke out against the war in Iraq, while Hillary supported it?

And I’m waiting for someone to call me a Russian bot or Trump supporter. No, I’m neither. Only a peacenik from the left who is justifiably distrustful of the corporate media when it starts marching towards war with a lack of evidence. And if you’re hasty to jump into war, you never were a Democrat to begin with.