Preachers for Trump?

I spoke to a friend last night who was down that he wouldn’t be seeing his family for the holidays. He’s very family-oriented, but just couldn’t face his virulently Trump-supporting relatives at this time. Luckily, I don’t have any of those in my immediate family, but I know that Thanksgiving was and Xmas will be tricky for many this year.

What really interested in the description of my friend’s summer visit to his parents was that they insisted Hillary was a known demon, who had undergone some ceremony in which she swore her allegiance to the devil. On election day, his folks called him to make sure that he wasn’t going to vote for the “demon.” He told them that he’d be voting for the candidate who didn’t want to grab his young daughter’s p#ssy. I asked him where he thought his family was getting this “information” about Hillary. I know that evangelical newsletters are widely forwarded, because my own kin have emailed some to me about Obama which were full of lies. I asked my pal if this demon theory was actually being spread in his parents’ church from the pulpit. He said he believed it was. Is anyone privy to similar info? Preaching for Trump in churches?

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton and have many choice words for her. Demon isn’t one of them. My friend’s family is very dangerous type of voter who is completely unable to separate gobbledygook from fact. We know that Trump somehow managed to strike a populist appeal to workers–mainly because democrats have failed workers to a degree and Trump capitalized on that weakness. Yet Trump voters will soon be disappointed because his main plan is to cut taxes on the wealthiest–which helps no one except those who need no help. Trickle down economics never actually trickles down. His attempt to drain the swamp is merely swapping out the gators, and he will actually hurt working Americans if he repeals Obamacare since it’s largely blue collar types who benefit from it. I caught an MSNBC segment last night about how one Trump voter was relying on Obamacare for an expensive operation for her hubby–she simply thought Trump was talking smack and never actually intended to repeal the ACA.

To most, supporting someone who will repeal the healthcare you desperately need seems foolish. And not all Americans are bright. However, if you’re able to totally gloss over the policies your candidate is spouting and support him because you actually believe his opponent is a fire-breathing demon, your religion is quite extreme. That’s not just ill-informed, it’s crazy. And no secular argument is going to sway your righteous @ss. I assumed Trump picked Mike Pence as VP because you pick a running mate who can appeal to a different voting block than you yourself can, and Pence is an actual evangelical. Trump seems totally secular. How could seriously religious people see a pussy-grabber who claims he could shoot someone and still elected as the less demonic of the candidates? I did see some laughable footage of Trump in prayer circle with evangelicals during the campaign. I guess they forgot that Bible passage about it being harder for a rich man to get to heaven than a camel to get through the head of a needle. Unless they are enriching themselves via their own clueless followers.

Voters who ignore all the issues and cling to nonsensical ideas like keeping a demon out of the White House are as dangerous as any muslim extremist. And just as when evangelicals helped craft Uganda’s Kill The Gays law or go and shoot up abortion clinics, they dream that they’re doing the Lord’s work. So you can’t argue with them. We can gripe about fake news  disseminating false information, or totally slanted news like Fox, MSNBC and CNN. But if your spiritual leader to whom you look for guidance in doing the Lord’s work is preaching that you should vote for a nightmare like Trump who seldom even made sense, we are really in trouble. These nuts need not even turn on any news. Do we need a sanity test for voters? We all know that evangelicals always vote on the candidate who’ll nix abortion rights and LGBT rights. While I don’t agree with them, I can understand those positions. But demons?

Sadly, this craziness isn’t only limited to the South. If your religion involves snake-handling, magic underwear, spaceships or the marksmanship classes which are offered by churches where my parents live, then practice it. In your church! But if you’re able to see Trump as a man of God, you are seriously confused. Or maybe your preacher, who you pay as your spiritual guide, is a nonsensical-yet-somehow-charismatic, extreme man like Trump, so you’re used to a madman spouting gibberish. It’s time for the fact-based community to call out the faith-based community on their utter nonsense.

Isn’t it time for christians with sense to denounce their extreme brethren? Just as we ask the majority of muslims to denounce jihadists who are acting out “religious” justice based on some extreme interpretation of their religion?