Just watched Pose on FX for the first time. A trans friend told me to check it out because she hollered when Dominique Tyra A Ross-Jackson told another character that she was so bald-headed that she could roll her hair with rice. (I’ve known Dominique was a superstar since I first laid eyes on her about 15 years ago.) This episode was more of a tear-jerker than comedy, and powerhouse Billy Ellis Porter-Smith had me sobbing about two times BEFORE he duetted with a great trans actress/singer to perform Home from The Wiz, sung to his dying lover in an AIDS ward. Where Sandra Bernhard played the sassy nurse! Jiggly Caliente had a guest spot and lending some old school ballroom authenticity was none other than Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza as a judge. (And yes, he still looks as “moist” as ever, as he puts it.)

Maybe some have thought the show might be corny because it’s a Ryan Murphy production, but with trans stars Janet Mock and Lady J as co-producers, it rang true to me. They didn’t whitewash the AIDS, prostitution, drugs and there was even a touching scene with a john in a 42nd Street peep show where a few friends of mine have worked. In one scene, several trans working girls told their friend about her upcoming new date “Girl, we all f#cked him.” To tell you the truth, I never thought I’d see anything like it on TV. But I will back for more next Sunday!