NYC–still packing a wallop!

Been on the road for quite a while. Always glad to be back home, even though I leave Wednesday morning. You don’t need to tell me that NYC has changed. But…..what other city would have all this going on in 1 week?

Was so happy to be home Sunday that I just laid in bed and had a three-way with a mouse and a bed bug.

I reopened my show at Stonewall Tuesday. Nice to see that crazy crew again. Every Tuesday in May at 7PM.

Howled at Nora Burns, David Ilku and Mike Albo at Joe’s Pub in Unitard: Tard Core and laughed my @ss off. Three more performances of this lunacy, so check out their all new show! I joined Jay Inkpen and a bunch of friends and asked the waiter if I could pay my check. The waitress thought I meant the whole check and a la Kim Syms, I’m too blind to see it. When everyone realized the error for me, they ended up treating ME after I had almost treated them. (I’ll have to make this “mistake” again!)

Before Joe’s, I popped in at Indochine cuz Jay said he would be eating there. The staff didn’t look like they quite wanted me to waltz through and look for him. Didn’t they all gag when their boss and my former boss at Bar D’O, hopped up and told them to get me his card. Said hi to Mickey Boardman seated with some swanky italian pals.

Saw my own italian pal Marco–leave it to me to be addicted to wigs and have a hairdresser who lives on a different continent. Thankfully, he was on a pilgrimage to NYC to rig up plenty of queens for DragCon.

That rain storm took all my smiles away on Friday, so I missed Johnny Dynell, Chi Chi Valenti and Brian Butterick’s Night of 1000 Stevies, but have seen and heard nothing but raves about the annual bash. Amber Martin sounded–dare I say better–than Stevie?

Caught Jennifer Warner visiting from Virginia way and we saw the fab Barbra Herr the opening weekend of her poignant and moving journey, TRANS-MISSION at Teatro Circulo–right next to La Mama. Really enjoyed meeting a salty lesbian friend of Jennifer’s and we laughed heartily and ate heartily after Barbra’s matinee at the still yummers Veselka. They all gagged over the borscht, as I do to this day.

GLAAD’s gala brought out Lina, Dina in some dynamite lewks and a moving speech by Billy Porter.

Skipped a Harlem screening of the new Andy Dick movie on Saturday night. They had asked me to be on a panel to discuss the film with Sherri Shepard, among others. But despite our scene together in a Michael Lucas porno in which I played Andy’s wife (!!!), I don’t really know enough about him to speak intelligently. Then again, Sherri Sheperd didn’t even know the earth was round, so perhaps I could have held my own after all.

Spun the tunes for a John Bartlett/Alan Cumming/Christina Visca’s animal rescue charity event at the Standard Hotel last night. Such a pretty space, and that view! John John, who I know from Miami via Disco 2000 via Beige, was running sound. A wonderful team of flaggers whirled their against the skyline. Let’s just say it was a moment for the cellphones. Jay Inkpen, Matthew Bank, Mark Carl Ciolli and even Buzz Kelly were seen. I’ve been carrying on with Buzz since about 1981 in Chattanooga, Tennessee! My wig glue came loose after only 3 or 4 dances, and when that happens you have 1 choice: you don’t look your best anyway, so just have a ball dancing. Someone commented on footage of me dancing that “I must be on something.” No, you must be on something. GERITOL! Your old @ss forgot how to party. I had a ball! Aggravating PETA’s Dan Mathews and his hubby Jack to the B-52s Planet Claire was a highlight.

My back punished from twirling on that marble, I hit the horribly named Yours Spa on 18th St. for that cheap, incredible massage. It’s less than $1 per minute! You know how a cat’s eyes roll back into it’s head in ecstasy when you scratch it’s sweet spot on it’s ear? After a massage thee, you practically need someone to come and pick you up like you do after surgery. I’m sure there are fancier places which use the latest oil fragrances if that floats your boat, but just ask for William at Yours Spa and you’ll thank me forever!

Grabbed a coffee this morning and bumped into John Cameron Mitchell and hairdresser to the stars Jimmy Paul in what they are calling the “AIDS Park” outside St. Vincent’s. Also ran into Ricardo Tavares and Michael Anthony Alagoon 8th Ave and chewed his ear off.

Had a salad tonight that was so healthy that I had to have fried shrimp from Tea & Sympathy’s A Salt & Battery chip shop for dessert. I know what you’re thinking: “With her figure, how could Bunny POSSIBLY enjoy fried foods?” Having a neighbor like Nicky Perry on me block always cheers me up! You’re a right ol’ scrubbah!

Do I miss the giant clubs of my youth? Sure, but for a city which has “lost it”, there sure has been a lot going on this last week. And as the weather warms up, the more time I spend strolling around, the happier I am. Please don’t spend too much time bemoaning NYC’s demise–or you might miss everything which is still here!

Oh, and Drag Queens Of Comedy hits the Play Station Theater this Saturday–starring Jackie Beat, Coco Peru, Sasha Soprano, Alaska, Willam, Peaches Christ aka Joshua Grannell, Heklina and Lady Red Couture from Hey Qween!