Most on the left are outraged over immigrants. No one is outraged over Yemen.

It’s heartening to see so many people posting about the plight of immigrants and asylum seekers. Just as it’s heartening to see people concerned enough to post about members of a Thai soccer team being rescued from a cave. Remember how kind-hearted Americans donated over $3 billion after the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean? I’d like to think we are good people. But it always puzzles me as to when people decide to care.

One viral image of children in cages was tweeted by Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Favreau. It went viral, but everyone who retweeted it ate a huge helping of crow when it was accurately pointed out that the photo of young immigrants in cages was from 2014–when Obama was president. Yes, Obama kept children in cages, too. While Trump is worse on immigration and made the wall and slamming immigrants a central part of his campaign, Obama was known by immigration activists as the “Deporter-In-Chief” because he deported millions more than his Republican predecessor. But you didn’t know that, because your left-biased media would never say a negative word about Saint Obama. You only care about children in cages now because your news is feeding you those images–just as they fed you so many nightly images of gassed children in Syria that you were ready to back Obama’s proposed wider intervention there.

Now, I understand that you are looking for weapons to discredit Trump–as if anyone needs more evidence to discredit him. But I don’t understand why Obama’s children in cages didn’t even cross your minds. As I sit and listen to the reports from the border about the horrors of parents being separated from their infants for hours, weeks or months, I couldn’t help but wonder: when US bombs drop all over the world, those kids aren’t separated from their parents for a few days, weeks or months. They are killed along with their parents, never to be reunited. I never see any posts about them. A friend mentioned “Well, it doesn’t register because it’s just another bombing somewhere far away.” Oh, so our outrage is limited to what is in front of our face. How foolish. And the carnage of war is kept off the corporate news to such an extent that George W. Bush’s request to keep US soldiers’ coffins off the airwaves to downplay war’s deadly side. Every major news outlet complied with this outrageous request which was a slap in the face to soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Likewise, hardly anyone is mentioning the US role in aiding Saudi Arabia attack Yemen. That began under Obama. As a result of us selling weapons, refueling Saudi war jets and giving them intelligence to bomb their dirt-poor neighbor, Yemen now has the largest cholera outbreak in the world in 50 years and starvation is threatening 8 million Yemenis. We’ve helped the human rights violators of Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen’s water and sanitation facilities to smithereens for years. One child there claimed he only played outside on cloudy days, since the bombs come more often on sunny days. Amnesty International calls Yemen “The Forgotten War” and is accusing the Saudis, who we’re helping, of war crimes. No concern for these kids or adults in the US. Now that Trump is president, there are a few Democratic lawmakers speaking up against US collusion with the Saudis against Yemen. I wonder what caused them to hold their tongue when Obama, a president from their own party, started this horror out of pure greed?

The National Transitional Council estimates the deaths from the US attack on Libya by Obama and then Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton at 30,000. We attacked for “humanitarian” reasons, because nothing is more humanitarian than bombs which plunge a country into chaos, right? You paid for these attacks with your tax dollars. Yet our war propaganda/media barely mentioned this death toll. So some children on the border you cry over, and some you pay to kill. And you even praise Obama still and pushed for Hillary Clinton, who helmed the Libya attack, to run as president. Your selective outrage is dumbfounding. Either you care about the welfare of children or you don’t. And if you do, I’d imagine that you’d care a lot more about massive numbers of children whom your tax dollars are killing for no reason along with their parents than those kids who are just temporarily separated from their parents.

Neither major political party is calling for peace, so neither political party is concerned with the welfare of children or adults. Both major parties want to continue to take half of your tax dollars for often senseless wars while telling you we can’t afford healthcare, college, job creation, switching to green energy, rebuilding the infrastructure and everything else we know good and well we need. This is the failing economic formula which no corporate media is mentioning because their advertisers wouldn’t like the truth. So if you want children to be safe, you need to give your lawmakers hell. And not just when the president you hate is harming them.

I see so many pundits on TV discussing Trump’s deportation tactics and claiming “This isn’t who we are as Americans.” Try telling that to the Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians and Yemenis. They’ll get a real chuckle out of it.