Most admired man in the country? Obama? Really?

Obama was selected as the most admired man in America this week.
I’m guessing that Flint, Michigan residents were not polled.

Michael Moore: Dear President Obama —

Finally, after months of us begging you to come to Flint, you’ve decided to visit next Wednesday. I know this will make many people happy and grateful. But, as one who voted for you twice and was thrilled beyond belief over your election, I’m sorry to tell you your visit is too little too late.You say you’re coming to “listen to the people of Flint.” Sir, they’ve been poisoned for two damn years. You’ve known about it since October. There’s nothing to listen to. Unless you’re bringing the entire U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dig up and replace the 75,000 lead pipes, plus the Attorney General to arrest Governor Rick Snyder, then this is just another photo-op and half-baked list of new promises we don’t need. If you’re coming to make one of those “we need to rebuild America’s infrastructure” speeches, don’t bother.

This is NOT an infrastructure problem – it’s a hate crime and mass poisoning of Black and poor people that NEVER would happen if this were Bloomfield Hills or Grosse Pointe or any other white town. It was done in order to give a billion-dollar tax cut to the rich. Every child here now has some form of permanent brain damage. There is NOTHING you can do to reverse that for them. There is no cure. Again, they are Black, they are poor. Do you have a cure for that? Because THAT’s the only reason why this has happened. Flint’s infrastructure was just fine (or what passes for fine these days in the USA). This poisoning happened because the governor said “Cut services!” — and so one of the first services he cut was to seal off the clean drinking water pipeline from the Great Lakes and make the poor and the Black of Flint drink dirty water from the drainage ditch you and others call “the Flint River.” We haven’t called it that for years. I’d drink my own piss before I’d drink out of that sewer.
We don’t need any more visits from politicians, even one as beloved as you. We don’t need any more promises of testing. We don’t need any more token digging up of pipes made rancid by the Flint River water that flowed through them (of the 75,000 pipes that need replacing, a total of 39 – 39!! – have been dug up and removed since you met with the mayor in the White House back in January). Meanwhile the poisoning continues on daily basis, even with the Lake Huron water that has been restored because it’s flowing through lead-damaged pipes with a new chemical that now burns people’s skin.

So unless you’re bringing the U.S. Army with you to save 100,000 of your fellow Americans, and unless you’re going to arrest the governor of Michigan who has now killed more Americans than ISIS, you might as well stay home. The riots here, I’m certain, will begin sometime soon. That’s what you or I would do if someone was poisoning OUR kids and the government refused to stop it, right?
With respect, admiration and profound disappointment,Michael MooreFlint nativeMichigan residentObama supporter

Now watch the terrific actor and heartless president con the people of Flint with what he repeatedly says isn’t a stunt. Oh, he’s charming as hell. The vocal crowd cheers as he calls for a glass water to quiet his “cough”, so wanting to trust him and believe that he’d save them from this nightmare. He takes a tiny sip. Then repeats the same routine, also saying it isn’t a “stunt” and also taking a tiny sip in another press room after this. There were still warnings about the water for children and pregnant women at this time.

Obama won Michigan in 2008 and 2012, so they weren’t racists. Yet Obama voters flipped and voted for Trump in 2016. Politicians like Obama will never work for you unless you can afford their services. But why would he deceive the people of Flint to bolster the GOP governor responsible for this whole water mess? Obama did not, as Michael Moore suggested, bring in the troops to fix the pipes funneling poisoned water in Flint. But he did send the troops all over the world to attack several new countries which never attacked us, in addition to continuing both of George W. Bush’s occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama campaigned on withdrawing from Afghanistan by 2013. He did nothing of the sort, and that is now the longest war in US history. We can blow up other countries with ease, but can’t take care of the most vulnerable in THIS country. I sure wish the people in Flint could afford lobbyists as the powerful defense industry’s.

But back to Michelle’s fabulous boots and book sales! That’s so much more fun to talk about than kids from Flint with permanent brain damage.