Mona Foot, Girlina and me in Space Cunt from Boybar in the 1990s!

We were such fools, but what fun would we had! We recorded our vocals so we didn’t have to memorize them to say live and then got too drunk to get the lip-synch down. But I think the audience appreciated our low budget efforts. Nashom Wooden, Lina Bradford, David Dalrymple, Matthew Kasten and shout-outs to Codie Ravioli and Kevin Joseph. Mona’s drag voice is a scream, and I love that we were already making fun of “Girlingo”, Sound Factory, Lypsinka Von Rasputina‘s moves and my weight. Mona’s drag voice was such a scream! Music by Gant Johnson, I assume. Or maybe DJ Tennessee? Love that opening track. And the closing–this was a time when most club music was fantastic. The ecstasy didn’t hurt, either. And of course, Mona had a costume change upon entrance. Some of the best times of my life! And any excuse for a fart or hemorrhoid joke. (I guess some things never change!)