Lorde have mercy!

So Lorde is the bigot if Isreal’s bigoted human rights violations bother her? She can’t decide where her own shows are without being called anti-semitic in a full-page ad? Now, if Lorde had cancelled her show saying I hate jews, that would be anti-semitic. Except that that’s not why she cancelled. She cancelled to protest long-running human rights violations in Israel against Palestinians. So in the process of calling out Israel’s bigotry towards their neighbors, she is called a bigot.

I also marvel that the ad slamming the pop star tries to make this point: You cancelled your show in Israel but not in Russia. NEWSFLASH: The rest of the world isn’t caught up in an anti-Russian frenzy. In fact, many around the world are more afraid of the US and it’s unholy alliance with Israel than they are of Russia. And Russia doesn’t have military stationed in 30 countries around the world. The world’s premier bully, the US, is the only country which wastes that much money to assert it’s worldwide dominance–while it’s citizens lack healthcare, education and so much more at home.