Let there be light!

Coming to LA: Charles Atlas's The Waning Of Justice starring Lady Bunion! "The works, created over the last decade in a series, use unique and varied strategies of montage, direct address, and narrative imagery, to propagate their art. At "Unspeakable", Atlas’s work comprises of a five-channel video installation titled 'The Tyranny of Consciousness', which was featured in the 2017 Venice Biennale. The montage comprises of 44 saturated sunset images, with an overlay starring the voice of American drag queen Lady Bunny. In what seems to be a stream of consciousness rant about life, peace, avarice, greed, and the future of our planet at the outset, is filled with the artist's deep ruminations on our complex and disturbing times. Lady Bunny, known for her gigantic blonde wig and larger than life personality, appears at the end of the video cycle, where she sings a disco song filled with longing and love. On its opposite screen appears a huge digital clock, counting down from 18 minutes to zero, the approximate time it takes the sun to set." http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/2749569/unspeakable-by-atlas-kruger-and-walker-upcoming-at-the-hammer