Leave Bruno Mars alone!

I played a Bruno Mars song at a corporate event recently and an old–I mean like above 70–black guy jumped up like that was his jam. It was so cute to see him getting his groove on–probably because 24K Magic recalls classic funk music from decades ago. I don’t think he cared about what Bruno Mars’ ethnicity was. He was just into the music. I’m sure the same guy would have enjoyed a Teena Marie song if I’d played it and she’s not mixed race like Bruno–she’s white. Music is music. While you’re arguing over who was robbed at which award ceremony, I’ll be on the dance floor. I never needed a committee of any “experts” to validate what I think is quality. I have my own eyes, ears and brain for that.

DAILYBEAST: No, Bruno Mars Is Not Guilty of ‘Cultural Appropriation’
The debate about whether Mars, a non-black artist, actively appropriates black culture is beyond tired—and misses the larger point about institutional racism in music.