It’s great to see Democrats fight the GOP on climate change–but you don’t see it often!

It’s great to see democrats grow some balls and fight–even getting cheers from constituents in a republican district for holding their republican rep responsible for ignoring climate change and Trump’s desire to gut the EPA.

But here’s what sucks. When democrats get elected claiming they’ll protect the environment and then don’t. Democrats admit that climate change is man-made, but then do little once in office. Obama green lit offshore drilling for Shell in the Arctic–despite Shell’s rotten safety record. Obama also leased offshore drilling off the southeast coast from Florida to West VA for the first time ever–when what anyone truly concerned with climate change would be moving towards cleaner fuels like solar and wind. How does the president who saw the horror of the BP spill approve more offshore drilling? Obama loved showing up at international climate change summits to use them as photo ops, and then came up with non-binding agreements without penalties for the very things which create global warming.

Od course, there was that one oddball from Vermont who claimed in one of the debates that the biggest threat to national security was climate change. Not ISIS, not homegrown terrorism. And the news all laughed at him, despite the fact that even the Pentagon is preparing for disastrous effects of climate change. Maybe you’ll think of this oddball when Miami and NYC are under water.