In 1 sentence, @DavidSirota breaks down Obama’s “leadership” on healthcare. I’m much wordier, but here goes;

80% of democratic voters wanted a public option when Obamacare was being crafted. Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and maybe they could have gotten it through. Dems had a super majority in the Senate. Too bad Obama himself never did anything to fight for the same healthcare system most industrialized countries from Canada to Cuba enjoy.

But keep telling yourself that the GOP blocked all of Obama’s legislation. How could they block anything if democrats held majorities in both houses of Congress? Maybe that’s why democrats have been losing congressional seats, governorships, state senates and now the White House ever since Obama was elected. Democrats are spineless and refuse to even try to do what the vast majority of their party wants. But they’ll make sure the insurance and big pharma get what they need. Ensure them that we’ll never get lower-priced drugs or stop paying the highest prices for medical procedures which cost a fraction of what they cost here abroad. Screw the voters.

Are many democrats standing up for anything now? No, they’re just trying to discredit Trump. Which Trump is doing a great job of on his own. There are a few Berniecrat democrats standing up for single payer, but the corporate media doesn’t like to interview them. That might cause a few drug companies to drop their advertising from MSNCB or CNN. They’d rather focus on how awful Trump is than on a direction most democratic voters want to go in. A direction which would benefit most of us. A direction which even Hillary wanted to go in back in the 90s, but changed her tune after she was bribed to shut up about it. She had the nerve to call Sanders’ call for what she used to advocate herself “radical” and “pie-in-the-sky.” Corporate democrats like Obama and Hillary serve corporations, not voters.

With Trump’s healthcare plan unable to even get the votes from his own party’s representatives in Congress, this would be an excellent time for democrats to prove how progressive they are. Except that they are no longer progressive. Are they more progressive than the GOP? Sure. But that ain’t saying much.