I’ve been on a crazy tour of all over CA, London, Vienna, Houston, Milwaukee and Chicago for almost two months. And I have missed my favorite NYC gig: Disco Sundays at The Monster. So I’m dusting off my all-time favorite jams and the party is on tomorrow night. It is so unpretentious there–some dress up but many are very casual. And it’s the most diverse crowd I’ve seen in NYC in terms of age, race and gender. Also it’s FREE, with reasonable drink prices. So if you fancy a boogie tomorrow night, bring it on from 6-10PM. I am in a rare mood and would love to reconnect with friends in person on the dance floor.
Get ready for some Hot Shot, This Time, Baby, Deputy Of Love, Give Me A Break, Spring Affair, No One Gets The Prize, Kano, Love Thang, Souveniers, Get Off, Shame, Taste Of Bitter Love, Everybody Dance, Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do, Clouds, Dance (Disco Heat), If You Could Read My Mind, Runaway Love, Young Hearts Run Free, Never Knew Love Like This Before, Sexy Dancer, Shake It Up Tonight, I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love and TSOP! The monster jams at The Monster! And I do take requests as long as it isn’t “Please retire, hag.”