Hypocrats in action

Democrats are griping about what Trump’s military parade will cost tax payers. While I agree it’s unnecessary and not in line with my values, since when are Democrats concerned about wasting tax dollars? They recently voted to approve Trump’s military budget, which was more than he even requested. Why didn’t that waste bother them? Even “progressives” like Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker and Kamal Harris voted for that waste.

PS: If Trump is insane and prone to whims which could lead to wars, why did his “opposition” party vote to arm a madman? #McResistance #Hypocrats

You want to know why we can’t afford decent healthcare? Because 1/2 of our tax dollars go to destroying other countries which never attacked us. Our “representatives” in government care more about destroying other countries than the health and welfare of US citizens. With both parties playing this dirty game, this is precisely why we need a third party which values peace and our prosperity here at home over destruction abroad.

FORBES: “There are currently 240 Republicans and 194 Democrats in the body, with 1 vacancy. Out of the Republicans, 227 voted in favor and 8 voted against this bill, making 230, with 10 apparently missing in action. Of the 194 Democrats, 117 voted for the bill and 73 voted against, with 4 not voting. In other words, of the party that supposedly opposes rampant military spending and the Trump administration, 60% voted for this bill.”