How the PC culture of the left proves their hypocrisy

As you may know, I’m an adversary of PC culture gone wild. What fascinates me is how all of the PC pronouncements about fat-shaming, slut-shaming, transphobia, lookism and ageism are thrown out the window when these un-PC comments are made about someone who many of us hate. The left has advocated such an impossibly namby-pamby way of thinking that even they don’t subscribe to it themselves.

For example, many cheered as a fat blimp of Trump was paraded around England. And I posted a hilarious Stephen Colbert segment which many of you shared–only this blimp was actually Trump himself, who is overweight, being mistaken as a second blimp which was more cruel than the actual blimp flown over the UK. The essence of the joke in this excellent segment was fat-shaming Trump. (For the record, I’m overweight and love to make fat jokes about myself and others.) So why does the left cry foul over fat-shaming jokes and yet cheer them when they target Trump?

A New York Times cartoon out today shows Putin and Trump deep-tongue kissing at their meeting and is widely being called homophobic. The NY Times’ message is “Be as homophobic as you like if you hate both partners in the bromance.”

I’ve seen many share that roast of Ann Coulter. I’m not a fan of her political stances, but to call her or any other woman a transvestite implies that transvestites are less attractive than “real” women or that Ann looks manly. Some trans women look manly early on in their transition–so does this line of question seem transphobic as well? Ann’s looks were also addressed–that she won the Kentucky Derby as a horse, etc. I have no problem whatsoever with any of these jokes since I enjoy twisted humor, but why weren’t Fiorina’s supporters crying foul over the mean-spirited jabs at Ann? Because she’s on the right.

Let’s take lookism, prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s appearance. Trump was widely criticized by the left for calling his GOP primary opponent Carly Fiorina unattracitve. I think Trump is a nut job, but he hit the jackpot in picking KellyAnne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders as his spokeswomen. Neither looked ready-for-prime-time. Kellyanne hit the campaign trail with an awful, straggly bleach job worn in a style which highlighted her somewhat haggard face. Many comparisons to the Crypt Keeper and her manly Adam’s apple were made. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is overweight and has eyes on two different planes has been regularly compared to Quasimodo. Plenty of fat jokes hurled at her, too. Yet if anyone dared to mention Hillary’s dumpy figure or her fainting and falling on the campaign trail, which she did, they were immediately branded as misogynists. Because you liked Hillary, that made it fine to cry fowl when she was critiqued. And yet then label the same misogynistic criticism at women of the GOP.
Though some express sympathy for her, Melania is routinely ridiculed as a slut. She had a porn past including a lesbian-themed photo shoot and I don’t think many of us believe that she picked Trump for his dubious charms. But with the PC crew, slut-shaming is totally off-limits. Being a slut is sex-positive. When NY Times reporter Jacob Bernstein called Melania a “hooker,” he was forced to apologize. Even though there are rumors that the first lady was an escort, the New York Times was forced to acknowledge that they’d broken their own rules of decency.

Bernie Sanders is often blasted for being an old white man. He is old, and the white, nutty professor hair doesn’t help. To combat the cries of “He’s too old!”, Bernie played basketball after one primary vote to prove that he was in shape. (I giggled at the folly of this, but I suppose one must defuse their detractors.) I was taught that age brings wisdom. Except for Reagan, who literally had Alzheimers while running the country. Personally, I’d rather see an old face with fresh ideas than younger faces peddling the same ideas which haven’t worked out very well. But if you’re prejudiced against older people, I guess Joe Biden is out, too.

The ridiculous PC crowd’s hypocrisy is on full display if their rigid standards permit them to look the other way when the target is someone they don’t care for. Either you’re against this type of humor across the board, or you’re bullshit. Which is why I ascribe to none of the PC mess and tell whatever jokes I choose.