Trump is crazy, right? He’s angling for war in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and who knows where else? That was one major objection to Trump from even republicans–no one wanted that hothead to have the nuclear codes and be able to bomb the earth to smithereens.
So why did Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker and Kamala Harris all green light Trump’s military budget with their votes recently?
Look at your “progressive” democrats in the pic below–all three rising stars in the party who may run in 2020. They’d rather give Trump more defense dollars money than he asked for and then claim the US can’t afford the same single payer health care system which most industrialized countries enjoy.
Neoliberals are democrats who support war and corporate interests over the people they allegedly represent. Failed neoliberal policies include pointless military interventions all over the world, and cozying up to banks which crash the economy and housing market. Obama and the Clintons’ neoliberal polices (like job-killing NAFTA and TPP trade deals) are part of what handed Trump the election. When you lose to a nut job like Trump, you shift your gears, right? Not these democrats.
When you hear people bitch about both parties being the same, this is exactly what we mean. They are the same when it comes to defense, which 1/2 our our tax dollars go to pay for. Congress always has a fortune to spend on wars few understand. Yet these are military concerns of the elite–average Americans want less war. Spending on job creation, more affordable college and health care, rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure, helping out in Flint and Puerto Rico. etc…the money just never seems to be there. But give Trump a bigger war chest than he asks for and even the democratic rising stars are all in. Some resistance. Both Trump and the resistance need to be resisted if they are warmongers like Obama and Clinton.