HIUNGH? Democrats now wavering on abortion rights?

I am going to shock you all. Make sure you are seated comfortably for this revelation. I AM NOT A WOMAN. I know. I only look pregnant. Try to recover and then please read on.

While not a woman, I am, however, interested in women’s issues. Not only because there are many women dear to me in my personal and family life, but because women represent 1/2 or maybe a little more of all voters. Ya can’t win elections without ’em! From p#ssy-grabbing to calling Miss Universe fat, this last election certainly pushed women’s buttons. All of the gals I’ve spoken with in depth–admittedly, most from varying degrees of the left–with have said that access to abortion is at or near the top of their list when selecting a candidate. They believe, as I believe, that a woman should never be forced to give birth to a child who is unwanted.

So imagine my surprise when I read that California governor Jerry Brown (D) has just claimed that support of a abortion rights should not be a litmus test for democratic candidates.


Just a few months ago, when many were despairing over Trump’s victory, California was being held up as the state of the resistance. California, with it’s enormous population and huge economy, would counter Trump’s monstrous policies. This progressive state would move towards health care as a right as Trump tried to destroy Obamacare. This state, plagued by such severe droughts that they literally could not put out raging forest fires, would not deny the science of climate change like republicans do. California was offered as hope during dark times.
Now their state’s “progressive” governor is waffling on democrats’ support of abortion? What core values will democrats signal that they’ll cave in on next? Will dems waffle on their support of gay issues? Will they waffle on curtailing nut jobs’ access to assault weapons? Will democrats screw union workers, who used to form their base? (Oh, wait. Obama already let that happen.) Do democrats have no core values left as they struggle to redefine themselves after a crushing defeat? This is not one of my lefty tin foil moments. Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards tweeted: “Women deserve access to safe, legal abortion no matter if their state is red or blue – it’s a constitutional right that can’t be traded away.” I’m with Planned Parenthood on this, and the democrats are now where on it?

When someone like Jerry Brown, the governor of a progressive state, suggests that all democratic candidates need not support abortion rights, this is not just one man’s opinion. Brown goes on Meet The Press to announce a softening of a party’s core values because there’s democratic think tank behind this. Behind the scenes, the democratic party has decided throw this maybe-abortion-rights-aren’t-a-deal-breaker idea out there to see if it sinks or swims. Or if we’ll even notice between Trump tweets. I assume democratic honchos are trying to entice the many white women who voted for Trump–who either never think they’ll need an abortion or who are opposed to abortion on principle or because their religious beliefs.
Former DNC chair and presidential candidate Howard Dean has said he won’t support the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) if gives money to candidates who oppose abortion rights. This came after DCCC chair Ben Ray Lujan, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have echoed Brown’s statement which indicates: Democrats will take whatever votes we can get. We stand for nothing. Just whatever it takes to get us reelected and as long as corporations make a fortune under our rule, the actual issues no longer concern us as much.

As democrats seek to redefine themselves, what is next on the chopping block–forgive the pun– after wavering on abortion rights–which democrats have rarely wavered on? LGBT issues? Gun rights? Affordable school and health care? Science itself? Who knows?

But here are some alliances democrats will NEVER let go of.

The influence of big banks which crashed the economy and housing market.

The addiction to oil and everything else killing the planet.

The endless wars and the fortune made from weapons.

An Affordable Care Act which is not that affordable.

Yes, I know Trump is rotten. And he might start a war with North Korea. And he’s tweeted this and that while on vacation. And may be impeached for his unsavory ties to Russia. But as his support dwindles among even voters who supported him, it would be very easy for democrats to come up smelling like a rose in comparison to the party of the insane reality TV star president. What do dems do instead? Signal to women that an important right for them is up for grabs. (Insert p#ssy-grabbing joke here.) Democrats, if you are struggling to redefine yourselves, can you at least try not shafting as huge of a swath of votes as women, fer chrissakes? You party is in tatters and you remedy that by daring to slap your base in it’s face? I find this to be a new and shocking development. Can some female friends please weigh in on this? We know that democrats have made a concerted decision to turn their backs on progressives. But on women?