I’ve seen a few memes indicating that Bernie Sanders will deteriorate into a fossil if he’s elected, because he’s so old. I’m all for a good joke, even if it’s an ageist joke about the candidate I support. Ya can’t ever have enough jokes and the sicker the better, in my view.

But if there are any of you seriously doubting Sanders’ ability to lead based on his age, here’s a couple things to remember.

If elected, he’d be the oldest president ever elected. But he’s in fine health, according to his records which he released without hesitation. (See link below.)

Hillary is only a few years younger than Sanders. And it’s she who is questioning his health using her typically nasty campaign strategy. Sanders is above this–but if Sanders were Hillary, he might attack her age and weight and claim that she’d have a heart attack before he would. She’ll gladly steal his ideas because she has none of her own and will say anything to get elected and continue this country’s downward trend toward oligarchy in which corporations and the wealthy rule.

Should Bernie’s campaign point out that with Hillary’s frequent flip-flopping for decades, that her mental health should be called into question?

If Bernie’s elected, I’m sure he’d pick a VP who was both healthy and who shared his convictions. So if he died while being sworn in, the world wouldn’t exactly fall apart.

Wisdom comes with old age. Maybe that’s why Bernie came up with ideas that Hillary needs to steal. His message of income equality, a higher minimum wage, government-run affordable health care and free college and a focus on climate change and not jumping into every war are the solutions to what ails this country. He may be older, but his ideas are 10 times fresher than Hillary’s. That’s why he’s resonating with youth, whose lives are ahead of them and they haven’t given up on settling for the lesser of two evils. Which even many Hillary supporters admit that she is. Funny how an old-timer like Bernie can snatch all the enthusiasm and passion. Most know that an establishment candidate like Clinton, bloated with campaign cash from Wall Street, will continue with more of the same corruption and the change no one even believes in even now.