Here we go!

So glad that the weather has perked up, and that means hitting the road on a crazy tour. I’m thrilled to be joining the Drag Racers and Brandon L Voss for some of their European dates, and jump off for my own dates along the way. First time performing in Norway! Bunion is heading out to Columbia, Missouri, San Diego, Santa Ana, LA, Hamburg, Cologne, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Dallas, Paris, Bergen, Regina, Seattle, Mexico City, Fire Island, The Hamptons and Halifax. And Bianca Del Rio, Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine will reunite for two performances of National Treasures in Boise and Seattle June 15th and 21st. All with a broken toe, but the sow must go on! Even if it has to go on in long dresses and one bare foot…Enjoy your summer!