Happy Mother’s Day to the love of my life, my momma Lady Becky! A mom so sweet and so fun that she actually let’s her drag queen “daughter” put wigs and false eyelashes on her when I drag her up (literally) from Chattanooga, Tennessee. This photo was taken at Lypsinka’s birthday party a few years ago. One reporter mentioned something like “Lady Bunny was upstaged by her own 78 year old mother.” But I’ll gladly share the spotlight with mom anytime. Look at that kooky look in her eyes here! She’s a gem.

But in addition to all the fun stuff, she’s my rock. She doesn’t care if I look good, if my act’s any good or if I even have an act. She’s always been super supportive and understanding—despite the many curveballs I’ve thrown at her over the years. (You can only imagine, since I’m still a handful to this day and probably have a few more curveballs up my sleeve.) I’m very, very lucky to call this lovely lady my mom and I cherish her. Now if she would unblock my phone # I could give her a call.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!