Guess what Hondurans are fleeing?

We often hear of gangs and violence, but I wonder caused the rise of chaos in Honduras?

AMY GOODMAN: Dana Frank, I was wondering if you could just talk about this history that went from the Democrats—I mean, Juan, when you interviewed Hillary Clinton when she was running for president, when you were working at the Daily News, you asked her about the coup. She was not pleased. You asked her about her support, the U.S. support for the coup when she was secretary of state. So it went from the Democrats right through to President Trump. And if you can talk about the extent of this support and why you see that linked to what we’re seeing with the migrants today? As you say, these are refugees from U.S. policy.

DANA FRANK: Well, we don’t have a smoking gun that shows the U.S. backed the coup from before it happened, but all of the evidence is very clear that the U.S. wanted the coup to stabilize after it took place, that the U.S. recognized the bogus election of November 2019 [sic] that brought Porfirio Lobo to power and that the U.S. has continued to recognize the ongoing coup regime, especially that of Juan Orlando Hernández, although he has come in—he stole—probably stole an election; we don’t really know—in 2013. He very clearly ran for president last year in violation of the Constitution which bans reelection, and then he stole the election in November last year.

AMY GOODMAN: Against Salvador Nasralla.

DANA FRANK: Yeah, against a united opposition which very clearly won. So the U.S. has given—so it’s not just a question of the U.S. supporting the coup itself. I mean, clearly Hillary Clinton was responsible for that, but don’t forget that Barack Obama was her boss and he is responsible, too.

And it’s not just Obama, it’s not just Hillary Clinton; it’s also John Kerry and now Donald Trump, and his secretaries of state—Tillerson, Pompeo—John Bolton at the National Security Council, Senator Marco Rubio who was reportedly the person advising Pompeo on U.S. policy in Honduras right now. So this is an ongoing policy, and the Hondurans will be very quick to tell you that Juan Orlando’s regime continues because of U.S. support, not just the police and military aid which is pouring in, but this legitimization of the regime.