This is why I constantly criticize the media of the “left” like MSNBC. They constantly shine a spotlight on Trump and his rash statements, which are never going to stop. He could be captured on video molesting children in blackface in a mosque and his supporters would scream FAKE NEWS after viewing it! Trump writing a crazy tweet is no longer shocking. Why isn’t the left analyzing how they lost to such a hot mess instead of daily discussions of who knew what when? in the Rob Porter abuse case? The mainstream media refuses to autopsy the unthinkable loss and deep divisions of the Democrats, focusing only on Trump and Russia, Trump’s family’s unsavory foreign business ties, Trump’s tweets, Trump’s golf schedule, etc.

Repeating “TRUMP IS BAD” is true. But saying in essence, “I’m not that awful, p#ssy-grabbing Trump” was a strategy which clearly did not work for Hillary. Why would it work now? The left needs reasons to vote FOR Democrats, not merely AGAINST someone else. MSNBC has fallen right into Trump’s trap as described below. If it only informs you on what you want to know, it’s like Fox News of the left.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, you wrote recently, though, that in the 2016 election, that “he sucked all the oxygen out of the race by making himself its biggest story. Now, he’s sucking all the oxygen out of America by making himself our national obsession.” And you go on to say, “Schooled in reality television and New York tabloids, Trump knows how to keep both sides stirred up: Vilify, disparage, denounce, defame, and accuse the other side of conspiring against America. Do it continuously. Dominate every news cycle.”

ROBERT REICH: And that’s his—if you want to call it a gift. It’s certainly his technique. And that is what he knows how to do: divide and conquer, make us all feel as if we are against one another, that the most important kind of conflict in America is between them—the “they” being either Trump voters or the people who are against Trump—and disguise the fact that most Americans are now battling over a smaller and smaller share of an economic pie. I mean, you’ve got, for example, white working-class people who are on a downward escalator—they still are on a downward escalator—and they are now being taught to believe that African Americans and Latinos and foreigners and DACA children are somehow responsible for their plight. I mean, it’s taking their eyes off the system, what has happened as a system. This is why I wrote the book. Again, if we don’t start focusing on the common good and what we mean by that, and taking our eyes, at least occasionally, off of this egomaniac in the White House, who knows how to aggravate us and obsess us, then we are going to, in a kind of ironic way, allow him to succeed.