Why are Democrants chanting and holding signs which say “Healthcare is a human right” when Dem leaders have expressly said they don’t support single payer/Medicare For All? If it’s a human right, then why are we paying for it? Only a state-run health care system treats health care as a free (or very affordable) human right. If you are a Dem voter who supports Medicare For All, please contact your reps and ask them to fight for it. With top democrats like Schumer, Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein publicly opposing it, this will take quite a fight.

An article in The Hill, an establishment Dem site, claims that Nancy actually, has supported a public option for awhile–except not in public. In public, she waffles between statements like “I oppose it”and “Everything is on the table”when discussing it. And of course, even though a majority of Dem voters supported single payer when Obama was crafting the ACA–he ignored them and never mentioned it,much less pushed for it. Despite having a supermajority in both houses.

What I deduce from this is that Democrats aren’t nearly as progressive as their voters. They poll us and most say they support single payer. Then top Dems speakout against it. Why?

One reason is that out-of-touch Dems like Schumer/Pelosi/Feinstein are beloved party fundraisers. And they raise money from insurance companies and big Pharma. Corey Booker, the allegedly progressive presidential candidate, voted only months ago against Sanders’ plan for cheaper drugs.


Corey Booker, for one. They manufacture a lot of pills in New Jersey and Booker would rather keep getting donations from drug companies than do what all of us want. Some representative. Maybe we should worry less about uncovering Russian oligarchs and target well-established American ones like big Pharma.

Another reason many Dems oppose single payer/MedicareFor All is sicker than can be believed. After calling GOP deplorables, racists, white supremacists, etc., the Democratic party is now courting Republican voters. That’s right. Dems would rather go further to the middle than give their own base what they want: affordable healthcare. This is why democratic leaders have claimed that supporting abortion rights should not be a litmus test for Dem candidates. HUNGH? All Dems are denouncing Kavanaugh for his probable vote against Roe v. Wade, while unprincipled Dem leaders can’t even offer a full-throated endorsement of one of their core principles which is a big issue for perhaps their biggest voting block: women?

ABORTION RIGHTS? What will Dems chop next from the list of core issues which they used to represent? LGBTQ rights? Action on climate change? Undoing Trump’s tax cuts? With Dems actually courting GOP voters, they prove they aren’t progressive in the slightest. And out of touch with their own base. Remember how they crowed that after the primary, Hillary adopted many of Bernie’s policies to create the most progressive agenda the Democratic party has even pitched? I guess they only brag about being progressive when they seek to attract Bernie’s supporters–after cheating him. Now that Dems are crafting an agenda for a new round of elections, giving up on your core values is an odd way to unite a deeply divided party.