So the narrative that we’re fed is that Trump is awful on climate change, withdrew from the Paris Summit, had a EPA head who was just canned and replaced with another climate change denier. Very bad news for the environment.

But you can’t blame the world heating up at an alarming, irreversible rate on a man who has been in office for 2 years. Obama, George W. Bush and every president before them allowed this to happed because they are too bought by the fossil fuel industries to make a firm push to do what everyone says we need to do in order to halt climate change: switch to green energy. Brazil has done this, people! I know Amy Goodman’s shocking statistics were not announce on Fox News, and nor were they mentioned much if at all on liberal media like MSNBC or middle-of-the-road media like CNN.

Why? Because their advertisers wouldn’t like it and because they are too busy asking how Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is going to be able to pay for his legal counsel. That impacts no one. Climate change affects every one of us. And I agree with what Cynthia Nixon says on her website: (paraphrasing) How are we going to look children in the eyes knowing that we’ve trashed the only planet we can call home?


“The fires come amid a sustained drought in parts of the western United States and as temperature records continued to tumble around the world. In Montreal, Canada, at least 12 people have died during a heat wave that’s seen the city post its highest temperature in recorded history—98 degrees. In Central Asia, Armenia’s capital posted a high of 108 degrees, while Tbilisi, Georgia, reached 105 degrees—breaking records for both cities, while southern Russia baked under record heat. And last week, a city in eastern Oman recorded the hottest low temperature ever observed—with sweltering overnight heat that bottomed out at 109 degrees. The scorching temperatures come as climate scientists say 2018 is on track to become one of the planet’s hottest years on record—possibly surpassing the past three years, which were the hottest ever recorded.”