Funny words from the very funny Elayne Boosler regarding Sean Spicer’s Holocaust center comment

“My grandparents went to a “Holocaust Center” & all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Oh wait, nope. They didn’t come back. They were “re-accommodated” to Dachau Summer Camp.

“At least Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons”, just Zyklon B, Hitler’s signature perfume, which he generously sprayed on shoppers as they browsed the gift shop at Auschwitz.

If you think Sean Spicer is stupid, wait until Betsy deVos remakes our public school system. “The Nazis were famous for creating private gated communities that welcomed minorities.” – Some Future White House Spokesdork.

Anyway, you’ve already lost if you have to invoke Hitler, but if you invoke Hitler wrong, well, time to take a United flight.”