Drag yoyalty Dina Jacobs’ 70th birthday!

A few years ago, my friend Jimmy Paul caught a drag show in Provincetown and came back raving over one diva in particular. I knew that this performer had been doing a guest spot in Tisch DeWiliams’ and Billie Jean Beetem’s show at the Crown & Anchor so I began to describe her. Sure enough, it was Dina Jacobs. My friend just couldn’t get enough of her radiance and star quality. He said she had performed a dynamite version of Natalie Cole’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. I told him to say no more–Dina Jacobs had blown me away with the same number at Illusions in Atlanta with rhinestones glued to the inside of her hands! RuPaul and I used to marvel from our hovel on 10th and Juniper when we saw The Hawaiian Goddess strutting around the neighborhood in her day look–a white wife-beater complete with large jugs. We were in complete awe of Atlanta’s royalty. I still am!

I’ve gotten to know Dina over the years and have learned that she’s just as funny, charming and outrageous offstage as on. Once we happened to be in Hawaii at the same time, and Dina took me on a tour of some off the beaten path attractions for locals only. Like those fruit and coconut filled fried doughnuts she’s been posting pics of lately. I also teased her about something to get a rise out of a few of her “kids” and her response tickles me to this day. Dina said something like “Watch out, Miss Thing. I look like an old woman. We’ll take you to the ghetto and I’ll loudly claim that you called me the hawaiian version of the n word. Then we’ll see how funny you are.” We were hysterics. Nothing like a sight-seeing tour with an option of getting beaten up! Always a smart-ass, I included Dina as one of my fave performers in that drag quiz status that was going around recently and instead of thanking me, she read me for not including two other entertainers who she liked! Dina’s NEVER been boring!

A bunch of brilliant performers from all over are convening in Dina’s current home of Houston Texas to celebrate her 70th birthday tomorrow. Like Hot Chocolate, Carmella Marcella Garcia, Bubbalicious and Kara Dion. I couldn’t get off work to surprise her, but Dina, lots of love to you on your big day. Legend, like diva, are overused words nowadays. But you’re both! Happy happy!

PS: I did include a link to a chapter in a book about influential gay entertainers. Dina has been performing since the 70s and is still going strong and packing ‘em in, But even I didn’t know all of her history of performing, touring internationally, singing with live bands, etc. Well worth a read. Just scroll down to Dina;s chapter. https://books.google.com/books?id=NbqiQHtoxGYC&pg=PA7&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=4#v=onepage&q&f=false