Don’t trust Robert Mueller!

All hopes are pinned on Robert Mueller as the guy whose investigation will oust Trump. I have no idea what will come out of the investigation–I have no doubt that Trump and his family and staff are involved in shady deals with more countries than Russia. But I do know this. Mueller helped lie us into the Iraq war–one of the worst foreign policy mistakes of our lifetime.

In the video clip below, Mueller lying about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. He is an establishment tool who cannot be trusted. Don’t believe me? Watch it. Mueller has zero credibility since he’s seen here on tape helping George W. Bush lay the groundwork for the illegal Iraq war. So why trust him now? Because you hate Trump so much that the truth doesn’t matter to far too many.

I hate Trump, too. But there is so much wrong with him that I don’t need the investigation of a liar like Mueller to discredit him. Trump’s policies alone–from muslim bans to tax cuts for the wealthiest to DACA to his dreadful appointees from Betsy DeVos, John Bolton and Ben Carson are damning enough.

I get the feeling that Democrats would cheer for war against Russia to avenge Hillary’s humiliating loss–though Dems used to be the party who angled for war less often than the GOP. Dems are salivating over sanctions on Russia and expelling Russian diplomats. These actions are preludes for war. Congrats, Democrats. You are now the party of senseless wars. You voted for Hillary Clinton, who voted for the nonsensical war in Iraq, which had no WMD. And now you cheer on war hinging on Mueller’s investigation. Maybe Mueller turned over a new leaf. Or maybe he’s still the establishment liar which always pushes for war.

I enjoy political discussion, and I’m sure many will disagree with what I’ve written. But will you still prop us Mueller after watching this clip which expose his lies?