Does anyone else remember this masterpiece by the group Change?

They were known for several disco hits including Paradise, Lover’s Holiday and The Glow Of Love with vocals by Luther Vandross. (It was sampled for Janet Jackson’s All For You.Jocelyn Brown also sang with them on song’s like It’s A Girl’s Affair, which  featured lyrics like :”Wear your wig, it’s gonna really swing.” This gem of a tune features the vox of Diva Gray. I think Change was a group of Italian studio musicians, who like Black Box wrote better music than lyrics which make sense in English. At one point in the bridge, Diva sings “C’mon babe it’s time to” and then let’s the chords take finish her though. But what glorious chords they are! And the guitar in this rivals Nile Rodgers in Chic. And I say that never.