Didja hear the one about the Affordable Care Act? It isn’t affordable! Ba-dum-pum!

She died because she was hesitant to pick up her prescription since her co-pay on it was $116. This highlights our nonsensical insurance system in which you pay top dollar every month so that you’re covered if you should get sick. Yet when you get sick, you still pay. How is anyone satisfied with that system? Maybe someone who is rarely ever sick?

Another example. I needed surgery on my wrist and asked how much it would cost when scheduling it. The doctor told me that they had no way of knowing. I asked if they could give me a ballpark and they said “No, we submit the claim and you insurance decides what they want to pay towards it.” The surgery was around $14,000 and my insurance decided it would pay only 1/2 of that amount and none of the physical therapy was covered. A system like this can exist only where politicians on both sides of the aisle are bribed by insurance and big pharma to keep prices ridiculous.

So we have, we are told, only two choices. One party wants to do away with even the modest reforms of Obamacare. The other wants to hang onto Obamacare as if it’s some great victory. In his first term, Obama presided over a democratic majority in both houses of Congress and 80% of democratic voters supported single payer. He never mentioned it.

North Texas teacher dies after getting the flu

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