DemocracyNow.Org on Philando Castile

Civil rights attorney Nekima Levy-Pounds addresses police in a protest over Philando Castile’s death.
NEKIMA LEVY-POUNDS: “What we’re saying is, if you call yourself a good cop, but you see one of your colleagues beating somebody or disrespecting them or treating them like they’re less than human, then report them. That’s what a good cop does. So we’re asking you all to step up, exhibit leadership, and work to build trust within the community. And if the government isn’t going to hold you all account, hold yourselves accountable. Thank you.”
It’s sad that she has to thank the group she is protesting against for a wrongful death. Her whole interview is worth watching, but check out the last of her request sentence alone.
“And if the government isn’t going to hold you all account, hold yourselves accountable.”
Well, the government is not going to hold itself accountable. Face it. Nekima is running for local office, which is one way to get more diverse voices inside the government. But if the police couldn’t be made to hold themselves accountable under our first president of color, will they do it under Donald Trump or whoever comes after him? Whose interests are served by a nationwide system of lethal oppression? That is key. Whose interests are served by keeping this system in place?
Nekima suggests that if the government won’t police our police, then the police should do it themselves. As someone who believes there are plenty of good cops, I just can’t imagine this happening. They can’t go above their orders. So who is making those orders and why?